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Orthopaedic Products, Services & Techniques

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Subject Collections

OMNI Robotic Assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty System



OMNI, an Orthopaedic products company, is dedicated to improving joint replacement outcomes through advancements in implant design and technologies, is transforming the total knee replacement procedure. By combining high quality implants with a robotic assisted system, OMNI is able to offer greater precision, accuracy, and reproducibility than conventional TKR techniques. 

Exclusive to the OMNI APEX Knee™, this robotic-assisted technology uses patented BONE MORPHING™ technology to create a patient specific 3D model without radiation exposure. The system can recommend best implant fit and alignment, but always allows the surgeon to make adjustments and visualize bone cuts prior to making any robotic assisted resections.

Company Name: OMNI
Contact Phone: 774-226-1892

Blue Belt Technologies: Navio Surgical System and STRIDE Implant

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Blue Belt Technologies is the manufacturer of the Navio® Surgical System and STRIDE™ implant. Navio is a robotic-assisted smart surgical system indicated for unicondylar knee and patellofemoral joint replacement. The Navio system provides robotic assistance for partial knee replacement procedures through proprietary CT-free navigation software and a unique handheld, computer-controlled, bone shaping tool. Navio brings a high degree of implant placement accuracy, soft tissue balancing benefits, and supports 7 different partial knee systems to provide access to robotics for a wide surgical audience.

The STRIDE Unicondylar Knee System is indicated for treatment of medial and lateral compartment osteoarthritis. The STRIDE system is designed to be optimally implanted with Blue Belt’s robotic-assisted technology, the Navio system.

Company Name: Blue Belt Technologies
Contact Phone: 763-452-4950

Amedica Valeo Interbody Fusion Devices

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Valeo® Interbody Fusion (IBF) Devices are made of Silicon Nitride (Si3N4), a proprietary hydrophilic material with a micron-size surface topography and positive surface charge that attracts fluids, proteins and molecules important for bone cell and tissue formation. Unlike spacers made of PEEK or titanium, Silicon Nitride IBF devices feature the ability to achieve superior new bone growth and osteointegration, along with proven anti-infective properties. Fine-grained microstructure assures fracture resistance and mechanical stability. Silicon Nitride implants are semi-radiolucent with clearly visible boundaries, and produce no MRI or CT imaging artifacts, an advantage for intraoperative implant placement and post-op fusion assessment. For potentially faster fusion and improved patient outcomes, Silicon Nitride should be the material of choice. 

Company Name: Amedica Corporation
Contact Phone: 855-839-3500 

Socrates Outcome Software

Socrates Main

Socrates® is outcome software developed specifically for Orthopaedics. Recently released for Spine, it has over 80 validated and commonly used questionnaires for patients and surgeons encompassing all joints available for entry via the web, either by email or in the clinic. Like your smart phone, Socrates has been developed with lots of features - you choose what you want to use. From managing a single study, following the outcomes of all your patients, or collecting enough data to enable you to publish – it’s all in Socrates.

Features include: 

• 80+ scores and outcome surveys for patients and surgeons – web data entry for patients
• Intraoperative and procedure details can be collected
• Comorbidities and complications
• Clinical examination and follow up
• Store X-rays, documents, videos
• Quickly generate reports – audit, patient, complications and protocol summaries
• Full search, descriptive statistics and data export functions included
• Generates operation and examination reports from the data entered

To learn more about Socrates® Outcome Software please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Company Name: Socrates Ortho Pty

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