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ORTHOPRENEUR Articles By Publication Date

Articles published in April, 2014

Scheduling Solutions: How to Maximize Revenue with the Right Patient Mix

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Apr 2014

To remain viable and increase revenue, procedure-based private practices need to rethink ways to improve the patient experience and maximize patient yield per encounter. ... Read more »

Biomet Unveils Bicruciate Retaining Total Knee

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Apr 2014

While a critical component of knee anatomy and kinematics, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is often sacrificed in total knee arthroplasty. Biomet’s latest product in its knee line takes a different approach. ... Read more »

ICD-10 Implementation Extended: How to Use the Extra Time

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Apr 2014

Orthopaedic practices are expected to gain from the year-long extension for ICD-10 implementation, as they prepare for the costly and timely transition. ORTHOPRENEUR asked Matthew Menendez of White Plume Technologies about the effects of the delay and how practices can take advantage of the extra 12 ... Read more »

Orthobiologics: A New Generation of Orthopaedics

by Steven Sampson, D.O., Hunter Vincent, MSIII and Danielle Aufiero, M.D. | Apr 2014

With greater understanding of disease processes and pathology, a new area of medicine has emerged as the frontier for disease treatment with the potential to revolutionize medicine. ... Read more »

Overcome 401(k) Limitations: Three Ways to Make the Best of a Bad Situation

by W. Ben Utley, CFP and Lawrence B. Keller, CFP | Apr 2014

If your 401(k) is your main (or maybe your only) investment vehicle for retirement, we have good news for you. It is possible to work around your 401(k) plan’s limitations, so that you can get back on track toward retirement. ... Read more »

Orthopaedic Coding Q&A: Implantation of P-STIM, Palmar Fasciotomy

by The Coding Coach | Apr 2014

The Coding Coaches address orthopaedic coding questions and hot-button coding issues. In this round: Implantation of P-STIM Device and Palmar Fasciotomy. ... Read more »