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ORTHOPRENEUR Articles By Publication Date

Articles published in May, 2013

Successful ASCs Implement These Practices

by Kenneth N. Hancock and Catherine W. Kowalski | May 2013

Higher acuity cases are moving to Ambulatory Surgery Centers. The following operational, financial and marketing best practices will help management maintain a healthy business and keep pace with trends. ... Read more »

Patent Reform Switches Law to First-Inventor-to-File System

by John W. Boger and Kristian E. Ziegler | May 2013

Surgeons take note. The new patent reform law converts U.S. from a "first-to-invent" to a "first-inventor-to-file" system. ... Read more »

Orthopaedics Receives Highest Gain in Compensation Amongst all Specialties

by ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2013

While orthopaedic surgeons’ incomes rose significantly last year, healthcare reform has played a significant role in the specialty’s decreasing morale. ... Read more »

Clinical Practice Guidelines: Cookbook Medicine vs. Hippocrates

by Blair Rhode, MD | May 2013

The movement to assign set algorithms to the treatment of medical conditions is a losing recipe for surgeons and patients. ... Read more »

Strategic Partnership Guides Surgeons to Commercialization

by ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2013

A new pilot program between a local hospital and innovation hub is making it easier for orthopaedic surgeons to develop clinical solutions into medical devices. ... Read more »

The Sunshine Act's Frequently Asked Questions

by ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2013

CMS compiled a list of popular questions regarding the Sunshine Act's final ruling. Here is what every surgeon needs to know. ... Read more »

Still Talking Taxes: Efficient Investments to Keep Your Money

by Tim Utecht | May 2013

With the sting of taxes still fresh in your mind, it’s a good time to review investment portfolios for tax efficiency. ... Read more »

The Change Management Project, Part 2: Setting the Table

by ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2013

Blair Rhode, M.D., performs nine surgeries before noon at his surgery center, yet it takes all day to complete eight surgeries at the hospital with a larger staff. How can this be? ... Read more »

New Online Marketplace Provides Solutions for Pricing Challenges

by Mike Biselli | May 2013

Former NuVasive colleagues launch e-commerce marketplace to provide medical device price transparency. ... Read more »

AAPS Sues ABMS over Recertificatiom

by ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2013

The Association of American Physicians & Surgeons (AAPS) filed a Federal suit against the American Board of Medical Specialties, stating its recertification program reduces patient-physician access. ... Read more »