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ORTHOPRENEUR Articles By Publication Date

Articles published in April, 2013

Key Steps of a Product Development Plan

by Brian McLaughlin | Apr 2013

The commercialization pathway requires planning and expertise to pass legal and regulatory hurdles. These essential steps will help surgeons move forward with their product idea. ... Read more »

Orthopaedic Coding Q&A: X-Rays During the Post-op Period and Claw Toe

by The Coding Coach | Apr 2013

The Coding Coaches address orthopaedic coding questions and hot-button coding issues. In this round: X-Rays During the Post-op Period; Claw Toe ... Read more »

Practices Adapt Billing Procedures to AR Trends

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Apr 2013

As patients are required to pay a higher percentage of their medical bills, practices must implement new AR standards. ... Read more »

Google Advertising for Practices & Surgery Centers

by Simon Sikorski, MD | Apr 2013

Surgeons can double their advertising ROI by running ads and controlling practice profiles on Google. ... Read more »

View on the News: Excise Tax

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Apr 2013

A new website identifies medical device suppliers that are shifting the cost of the excise tax to healthcare providers. Have suppliers shifted the tax to you? ... Read more »

Joint Venture: Surgeons Share How They Built a Niche Business

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Apr 2013

Orthopaedic surgeons in Michigan started an online store to meet patient demand for cheaper braces. They share their entrepreneurial lessons from 15 years of running a busy practice and e-commerce business. ... Read more »

Swapping Autograft for Mesenchymal Precursor Cells

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Apr 2013

Mesoblast plans to enter Phase III study of its mesenchymal precursor cells interbody lumbar fusion product later this year. ORTHOPRENEUR asked the company about the benefits of MPCs over autograft. ... Read more »

Recruitment Resolutions: Avoid Common Hiring Pitfalls

by Nicola Hawkinson and Heather Rottmund | Apr 2013

Hiring the wrong employee will negatively affect the performance and profit of your practice. Fortunately, these five common mistakes can be avoided. ... Read more »

The Media Hype Says Abandon Bonds. Don't.

by Tim Utecht | Apr 2013

Bonds mitigate the volatility of stocks and other risky assets. Before diversifying your portfolio, understand the bond bubble and the best way to invest. ... Read more »