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ORTHOPRENEUR Articles By Publication Date

Articles published in August, 2012

Cutting Technologies Update: A surgeon queries an orthopaedic engineer

by Lee Hieb, M.D. | Aug 2012

A discussion with Cingular about alternatives to traditional trocar pins and wires, and the benefits of a drill bit designed to offer enhanced drilling control. ... Read more »

An Obamacare Primer: How top-down statist healthcare is bad for doctors and patients

by Blair Rhode, M.D. | Aug 2012

Statism (French: étatisme) is a term used to describe the belief that a government should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed into law in March 2010. With its passage, it set in motion fundamental chan ... Read more »

Physician, Google Thyself: How patients screen orthopaedic surgeons

by Simon Sikorski, M.D. | Aug 2012

In less than one year, a major behavior change occurred in the way that patients find and screen orthopaedic doctors. Sixty-five percent more patients who searched for physicians online began seeking out physician ratings sites as their top reference check. This has led to one of the most controvers ... Read more »