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ORTHOPRENEUR Articles By Publication Date

Articles published in December, 2011

Helping Your Hospital Help Your Practice

by Patrick Vega, M.S. | Dec 2011

Healthcare, and specifically orthopaedics, is in a period of extended and dramatic change, driven largely by new models of reimbursement, increased hospital-physician alignment and a heightened focus upon demonstrable clinical quality with metrics collection and reporting. Because of an aging popula ... Read more »

Creating Exponential Value, Part I: How Far Should You Take Your Idea?

by Stuart Lindquist | Dec 2011

Our series of articles for the physician inventor continues with a three-part look into the business side of developing and commercializing your ideas. Part One, presented here, introduces a few common situations that you may face when choosing a course of action for your idea. These hypothetical sc ... Read more »

High Yield Bonds: One Man’s “Junk” is Another Man’s Treasure

by Mark Germain, CFP® MBA | Dec 2011

Where does an investor go today when the governments predict low and slow economic growth? After 30 years of utilizing high yield bonds in stressful times, they have once again risen as a wise investment. First, let’s use the market name for high yield bonds, that is, “junk bonds.” Junk, by it ... Read more »

Moneyball: How Orthopaedic Surgeons Can Play

by Marshall Steele, M.D. | Dec 2011

I hope you saw the movie Moneyball. It starts out with this quote from Mickey Mantle, “It’s amazing that you can play a game all your life and know so little about it.” The movie quickly shifts to the Oakland Athletics playing and eventually losing in the league championship series. Oakland ha ... Read more »

Views on the News

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Dec 2011

In this feature, we highlight recent news or trends that might significantly impact your future as orthopaedic surgeons. You are invited to share your thoughts with other readers by using the comment field, below.   Medicare hassles push doctors to consider opting out Unless lawmakers a ... Read more »