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ORTHOPRENEUR Articles By Publication Date

Articles published in November, 2011

Views on the News

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Nov 2011

In this feature, we highlight recent news or trends that might significantly impact your future as orthopaedic surgeons. You are invited to share your thoughts with other readers by using the comment field, below. 323 hospitals losing $1.82 billion annually in Medicare payment for 12 orthopedi ... Read more »

ICD-10 and ANSI 5010 Deadlines: Five Steps to Compliance

by Brad Melis | Nov 2011

On January 1, 2012, all physicians and hospitals will be required to submit bills under the new ANSI 5010 transaction standards. On October 1, 2013, they will have to meet another electronic data requirement by implementing the new ICD-10 codes. The two requirements are closely linked: the ICD-10 co ... Read more »

Generics are Coming! Generics are Coming!

by Blair Rhode, M.D. | Nov 2011

Generic Orthopaedic ImplantsBlair Rhode, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon,Rhode Orthopedic Group   Dr. Rhode discusses the current state and future of generic orthopaedic implants at OMTEC 2013.  We are making you a bet. We are betting that you are ready to take back w ... Read more »

Annual SIGN Conference Update: Orthopaedic Exchange Expands Healing

by Lewis Zirkle, M.D. | Nov 2011

It is surprisingly easy to lose sight of the reason why we host the SIGN conference every year as we get lost among the planning logistics. (SIGN stands for Surgical Implant Generation Network.) However, it is during the conference that we are reminded of its purpose. Everything ultimately serves to ... Read more »

How Bad Journalism Compromises Patient Care

by Teresa Ford | Nov 2011

By now, you’ve likely seen the recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article [1] highlighting a spine company located in Pearl, Mississippi and one of its physician investors. [2] The article purported to establish a link between the tragic death of one of the doctor’s patients and the fact that the ... Read more »

Cost Reduction vs. Technology

by Blaine Warkentine, M.D., MPH | Nov 2011

Technology is ubiquitous. It has been reported that 70% of orthopaedic surgeons have an iPhone, and 90% have a smartphone. Even the eldest of patients has access to the internet and generally knows how to use it, indicating that we are making technology an important part of our daily lives, partic ... Read more »