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ORTHOPRENEUR Articles By Publication Date

Articles published in September, 2011

Let's Talk About the Physician Payment Sunshine Act

by Teresa Ford | Sep 2011

Though the great physician owned distributorship (POD) debate is not yet over as of the penning of this article, there is not much else to say until the Office of the Inspector General weighs in with thoughts, guidelines and a plan of action relating to the regulation (or even eradication) of PODs. ... Read more »

Views on the News

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Sep 2011

In this feature, we highlight recent news or trends that might significantly impact your future as orthopaedic surgeons. You are invited to share your thoughts with other readers by using the comment field below. Reports from the National Joint Registry for England and Wales indicate that DePu ... Read more »

Lon S. Weiner, M.D., Co-Founder and Director of Nextremity Solutions, LLC

by Lon S. Weiner, M.D. | Sep 2011

Starting a company takes careful planning and diligence. Catalogue your ideas and develop your intellectual property. Having more than one physician has value. Ideas develop more quickly and ideas perpetuate each other. ... Read more »

What’s Your Plan? Pending Healthcare Challenges Provide Options and Opportunities

by Bill Champion | Sep 2011

Looking at today’s concerns over healthcare reform and our current economic state, it appears that some emotions and questions regarding managed care have come full circle since its introduction in the 1990s. Although the issues and questions differ, it’s certain that change within the field is ... Read more »

SIGN Trip Report: Survey for Rwanda, May 2011

by Carla Smith, M.D. | Sep 2011

As Chairman of my hospital’s Department of Surgery, I am continually amazed at the disregard taken by a small minority toward documentation and paperwork. It isn’t laziness, as some of the most productive and industrious people take documentation the least seriously. Many times I have heard such ... Read more »

Estate Planning Checklist

by Norman Sohn, M.D., MBA | Sep 2011

One of the greatest gifts you can leave your loved ones is a well-organized estate. Accurate records, shared knowledge of the location of personal data and the organization of documents and medical records is essential. This facilitates the carrying out of your end-of-life desires and goal according ... Read more »

Managing Your IP Portfolio

by Perry E. Van Over, Esq., Litman Law Offices Ltd. | Sep 2011

The right to exclude others for a period of years from practicing a patented invention under Title 35 United States Code is the basic foundation of patent law. It provides the incentive for inventors and companies that sponsor them to invest years and fortunes in the effort to discover, develop and ... Read more »