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ORTHOPRENEUR Articles By Publication Date

Articles published in July, 2011

Views on the News

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Jul 2011

In this feature, we highlight recent news or trends that might significantly impact your future as orthopaedic surgeons. You are invited to share your thoughts with other readers by using the comment field below. In June, Five U.S. senators requested an investigation into physician-owned distr ... Read more »

Four Tactics to Embrace the Shift in Patient Communication

by Bill Champion | Jul 2011

The field of orthopaedics is ever-evolving. Marketing strategies to promote your practice are evolving, as well. The last five years have brought a fundamental shift in the way that consumers communicate. Ultimately, this shift has affected how patients make decisions about healthcare. Gone are the ... Read more »

Cost Effectiveness of Trigger Finger Release

by Dale Dellacqua, M.D., Bloomington Bone and Joint Clinic | Jul 2011

Introduction The costs of healthcare, and of surgery in particular, have continually grown to the point that many individuals must decide between receiving treatment or living with their conditions. These involve fixed costs (supplies, injections, anesthesia and operating room) and abstract costs ( ... Read more »

Threats to Medical Device Innovation

by David Kay, M.D. | Jul 2011

Medical devices are the stuff of dreams and imagination. The primary goal of all devices must be to improve the quality of life of the people who receive them. While this may sound naive, without this attitude as the prime driving force, no real progress is made. However, we are living in the Chines ... Read more »

Equality Through an Emerging Hunch

by Lewis G. Zirkle, M.D., Surgical Implant Generation Network | Jul 2011

The process by which the Surgical Implant Generation Network (SIGN) is creating equality of fracture care throughout the world is the result of an emerging hunch. The emerging hunch refers to ideas that emerge unnoticed over the course of many years. These ideas connect to thoughts or events from se ... Read more »

The Invent America Act: The Rest of the Story

by Perry E. Van Over, Esq., Litman Law Offices Ltd. | Jul 2011

Reader's note: Following submission of this article, the Invent America Act was passed by the House. However, the bill must still go to committee before receiving the signature of the President. -Ed. In a preceding article on The Invent America Act, I focused on a major provision of the Act, the fi ... Read more »

Following Up with Jeffrey Gelfand, M.D., Founder of Suspension Orthopaedic Solutions, LLC

by Jeffrey Gelfand, M.D., Suspension Orthopaedic Solutions, LLC | Jul 2011

Founded in 2008 by an orthopaedic surgeon, Suspension Orthopaedic Solutions (SOS) is a Maryland-based medical device company. Their two debut products, the Suspension™ Clavicle Fracture Fixation System and the Suspension™ AC Joint Injury Repair System, are both designed to address injuries to th ... Read more »

Are Municipal Bonds a Bad Place to Invest?

by Mark S. Germain, CFP®, MBA, Beacon Wealth Management | Jul 2011

Bonds, as an investment, are used to produce income either to be reinvested or to fund cash flow. Municipal bonds have long been and continue to be a very strategic component of tax-efficient investing. The media have quoted a trusted source that municipal bonds (munis) were going to elicit catastr ... Read more »

Myths and Facts about Meeting the Meaningful Use Requirements of Electronic Health Records

by Zubin Emsley, ChartLogic, Inc. | Jul 2011

In May, the Federal government began sending checks to eligible providers that verified their “meaningful use” of electronic health records (EHRs). Physicians who qualify in 2011 can receive up to $18,000 for this year and potentially up to a total of $44,000 over the five-year life of the Medi ... Read more »

Told You So…

by Teresa Ford | Jul 2011

The physician owned distributorship model has been a source of constant chatter. Teresa Ford's articles regarding them have garnered more mail (both fan and hate) than any other topic she has highlighted.  ... Read more »