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ORTHOPRENEUR Articles By Publication Date

Articles published in May, 2010

Summary of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

by ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2010

Dear Reader, I attempted to read all 234,812 words of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. (By comparison, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix clocks in at 257,000 words.) Even with a strict Catholic primary education and two college degrees, I found it nearly completely incomprehe ... Read more »

The Fixable Suture Anchor Plate: A Mechanical Comparison to Other Devices Commonly Used for Tendon Anchorage to Bone during Rotator Cuff Repair Surgery

by C. Scott Humphrey, M.D. ; Tyler C. Brown, BS ; Seth Kuhlman, MSMEb; Michelle B. Sabick, Ph.D. | May 2010

Abstract Background: The fixable suture anchor plate is a new device that has been designed with the intention of improving anchorage-to-bone strength during tendon-to-bone repair in patients with compromised bone quality. In this in vitro study we compare the load-to-failure and mode-of-failure re ... Read more »

My Experience as an Entrepreneur, or, Down the Rabbit Hole

by David Kay, M.D. | May 2010

My decision to break out on my own as an entrepreneur followed ten years of trying to convince large, established orthopaedic companies that I had an answer to fixation in osteoporotic bone: the open helix. I was armed not with a napkin drawing but with a patent, prototype, testing and market inform ... Read more »

A Canadian Orthopaedic Surgeon’s View of the New American Health Reform Bill

by Frank C. Smith MB, ChB, FRCSC | May 2010

The recent signing of the New Health Care Reform Bill by President Obama has dramatically altered the Canadian perspective of the manner in which America provides for the sick. We can now look on the system as approximating universal coverage in due course, the true impact of which will only become ... Read more »

A Roadmap to Success for Surgeon Inventors, Part 5: The Top Ten Things to Avoid

by John Kapitan | May 2010

In previous installments of this series, we touched on pointers for optimizing your chances of success as a surgeon inventor while developing your own ideas. We also introduced tools for saving time and money along the way. Today we continue with a different approach. In this article and the next, w ... Read more »

Preparing for Disaster Response

by Lewis G. Zirkle M.D., Jeanne Dillner | May 2010

The only thing new in the world is the history you don’t know. – Harry TrumanWithin hours of the January 12 earthquake in Haiti, the North American orthopaedic community combined efforts to provide an immediate and ongoing response to the calamity. We have been astounded by the offers of help fr ... Read more »

The Doctors’ GRAT

by Mark Germain | May 2010

Did you know that a grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT) can help you maintain control over your property and other financial assets, while simultaneously transferring their ownership to your heirs and removing them from your taxable estate? Essentially, the GRAT enables a donor to remove highly-ap ... Read more »

A Patent Office Proposal Possibly Prolonging the Time of Patent Pending

by Perry E. Van Over, Esq. | May 2010

In its continuing efforts to confront the problems of prolonged periods of patent pendency and the frustration often expressed by patent applicants who must wait one or more years before their nonprovisional patent application is examined, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has over the pa ... Read more »

Shoulder Repair Roundtable

by Ronald Glousman, M.D., Vivek Agrawal, M.D., Timothy E. Kremchek, M.D. | May 2010

  Vivek Agrawal, M.D. Timothy Kremchek, M.D. Recently, three surgeons were asked about current issues in shoulder repair and their views on the JuggerKnot™ Soft Anchor, an innovative new anchor from Biomet Sports Medicine.       Ronald Glousm ... Read more »

And the Lion Shall Lie Down with the Lamb

by Teresa Ford | May 2010

This article requires two immediate disclosures. First, much to my late father’s chagrin, I am not particularly religious, so do not let the title of this piece make you think otherwise. Second, I am not engaging in shameless self-promotion with the topic of this article (my representation dance c ... Read more »

Healthcare Reform and Physician Owned Hospitals

by Victor Moldovan | May 2010

In my last article, I discussed the possible passage of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (otherwise known as the “Healthcare Reform Bill” in some circles and or the “Bill from @#%!” in other circles). Senator Scott Brown was just elected and nobody was sure what would happen ne ... Read more »