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ORTHOPRENEUR Articles By Publication Date

Articles published in January, 2010

Fantasy FDA

by Charles R. Gordon, M.D. | Jan 2010

Though this article's origin dates back to 2009, its message still holds true today. FDA is still overwhelmed and entrepreneurs and industry are still challenged by the agency's shortcomings. Thus, the takeaways and suggestions presented herein remain relevant to those working to commercialize ... Read more »

Chris Fair, Chief Operations Officer; Ken Gall, Ph.D., Director & Chief Technical Officer - MedShape Solutions, Inc.

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Jan 2010

Chris Fair has over 16 years of orthopaedic device management and development experience to his credit. Prior to joining MedShape, Mr. Fair served as the Vice President Sales and Marketing for St. Francis Medical Technologies. Prior to St. Francis, Mr. Fair held numerous management positions with De ... Read more »

David Fisher, M.D. - The Indiana Orthopaedic Hospital

by David Fisher, M.D. | Jan 2010

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (HR 3590) before Congress contains specific language that bans physician-owned hospitals. Language in the bill under Section 6001, Title VI, places caps on growth for existing physician-owned hospitals and prohibits them from receiving critical reimburs ... Read more »

Selling or Offering to Sell the Invention: A Possible Bar to Obtaining a U.S. Patent

by Perry E. Van Over, Esq. | Jan 2010

The purpose of this article is to focus the inventor’s attention on the importance of timing when selling or offering to sell a new invention, inform the inventor of subtleties on what constitutes a sale or offer to sell, and to acquaint the inventor with the experimental exception to the “on sa ... Read more »

Is Your Practice Sufficiently HITECH?

by Doug Free | Jan 2010

Some 13+ years have elapsed since the1996 enactment of the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, commonly referred to as HIPAA. Some have asserted that HIPAA does not cover all of the bases in providing safeguards for patient Protected Health Information (PHI). Couple concerns of ... Read more »

Tissue Guided Surgery in Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty: TGS®

by Gerard A. Engh, M.D. | Jan 2010

Partial and total knee arthroplasty have been continually refined over the past 40 years. Patients now expect fast recovery, peak performance and minimal surgical trauma. Clinical results are well documented in the literature with current generation implant systems showing comparable survivorship fo ... Read more »

The Next Generation in Articular Cartilage Regeneration

by James N. Gladstone, M.D. | Jan 2010

ProChon Biotech, a privately held medical device company, has developed an orthobiologic implant that leverages a patient’s own healthy tissue to repair cartilage cells in the patient’s knee. ProChon’s BioCart™ Cartilage Regeneration System utilizes Chondrocyte Preservation Technology™ (CP ... Read more »

A Roadmap to Success for Surgeon Inventors, Part 4: The Cost of Developing Your Idea

by John Kapitan | Jan 2010

This series of articles focuses on a different paradigm for bringing new ideas to market, one in which you as a surgeon inventor retain control over designs, aggressively pursue milestones on your own (such as issuance of a patent, testing of prototypes or obtaining a regulatory clearance) and build ... Read more »

Opportunity for Healing Fractures in Indonesia

by Jeanne Dillner, Lewis G. Zirkle, Jr., M.D. | Jan 2010

  “Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes also a matter of opportunity” – Hippocrates (460 BC – 377 B.C.)Dr. Zirkle and I left the day after Thanksgiving to visit Indonesia, a country with 240 million people and roads thick with SUVs and motorbikes, but with only 350 orthopae ... Read more »

Facebook: The Doctor Will See You Now

by Rajiv Doshi | Jan 2010

The way patients communicate with doctors has changed drastically over the last decade.It’s not uncommon to use email to contact your doctor about what is ailing you, rather than relay messages on the phone. Doctors often provide links to new information, research and drugs via websites and are ab ... Read more »

Advanced Hip Arthroscopy

by Scott Barbour, M.D. | Jan 2010

Arthroscopic surgery has been one of the great advances for the treatment of joint pathology since the early 1980s. Most physicians are aware of the important aspects of this minimally invasive technique for the treatment of the knee and shoulder. Procedures such as arthroscopic anterior cruciate li ... Read more »

Take Stock in the Idea That It Is Not a Good Idea to, Well…Take Stock!

by Teresa Ford | Jan 2010

If I have heard it once, I have heard it a thousand times. “I want to be compensated in stock. The company is young and growing and my best bet for making a reasonable amount of money is with stock options, not a measly $500 per hour for my time!”I can’t say I disagree. If you hit the proverbi ... Read more »

An Orthopaedic Approach to Healthcare Reform

by Tom Grogan | Jan 2010

Congress is on the verge of passing an historic healthcare reform bill. Exactly what the impact the ultimate bill has on orthopaedic surgeons is very much up in the air. One thing is clear: these changes will affect the practice of orthopaedic surgery for many years to come. The only defense to chan ... Read more »