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Premium CoolVest System

Posted in OR Accessories | Feb 2013

Tags: New Product with Video

coolvest large

A surgeon in an OR, warmed to AORN recommended temperatures, can suffer fatigue and lose concentration.

But, with a CoolVest System, your endurance and focus won’t be compromised - no matter how long or complex the surgery.

Comfort is essential to surgeons working under intense pressure, performing an average of 300 to 400 high-risk procedures in a year. Outstanding dexterity, eye-hand coordination and mental acuity are necessary for controlling life or death situations.

Only the CoolVest System offers variable flow control, allowing you to regulate the temperature for personal comfort. And, it’s the only UL listed surgeon cooling system on the market. Call 800-345-3176 today for your free trial.

Company Name: CoolShirt Systems
Contact Phone: 800-345-3176 

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