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Article: SIGN Wraps Up 15th Annual Conference

SIGN Fracture Care International just wrapped up its 15th Annual Conference. Around 150 surgeons from 27 countries attended to learn how to use SIGN implants and share this knowledge back home.

Article: Trauma Surgeon Incorporates Calcium Phosphate in Trauma Device Delivery

Thomas “Toney” Russell, M.D., brought to life his concept of implanting trauma devices with calcium phosphate material despite skepticism from colleagues and regulatory obstacles.

Article: SIGN Receives Afghan Medal of Honor, but Challenges Remain

Though SIGN Fracture Care International was recently awarded the Afghan Medal of Honor, the organization struggles to maintain funding for its initiatives to treat fractures in developing countries worldwide.

Article: Trauma Market Focuses on New Solutions, Shifts in Care Delivery

Trends in the trauma market span from new technologies and treatment methods to shifts in the healthcare delivery system, according to several device manufacturers.

Article: SIGN’s Work Contributes to Earthquake Relief in Nepal

Saju Pradhan, M.D. plans to implement techniques he learned at the annual SIGN conference to care for patients in need back home, including victims of the recent earthquake.

Article: SIGN Continues Work in Haiti 5 Years after Earthquake

SIGN fracture Care has continued to provide relief in Haiti since the country experienced a disastrous earthquake in 2010. Though progress has been made, much more assistance is needed.

Article: Conventus DRS System Offers New Fracture Solution

Conventus Orthopaedics launched a new fracture repair technology as a less invasive solution to the volar plate. Paul Buckman, President and CEO, describes the usage and benefits of the DRS System.

Article: Report from the Field: Syrian Surgeons Seek Solutions

SIGN offers solutions to Syrian surgeons targeted and traumatized by countries conflict.

Article: The Augmenta Vertebral Augmentation System

Augmenta Spine expects a Summer 2013 release of its new kyphoplasty technology. Developer David Mitchell, M.D., discusses the usage and benefits of the Vertebral Augmentation System.

Article: Orthopaedic Coding Q&A: Humerus Fracture, Arthroscopic Biceps Tenotomy and Subacromial Bursectomy, Anterior-Posterior Spine

The Coding Coaches address orthopaedic coding questions and hot-button coding issues. In this round: Humerus Fracture, Arthroscopic Biceps Tenotomy and Subacromial Bursectomy, Anterior-Posterior Spine.

Article: Breakthrough for NiTiNOL Use in Orthopaedic Implants

The use of nickel titanium or NiTiNOL in large orthopaedic devices has been limited somewhat by technological challenges in basic materials and device design. In November 2012, MedShape announced the first surgical procedure with its...

Article: Report From the Field: Vientiane, Laos Experience

While on a Health Volunteers Overseas trip to Phnom Penh, Cambodia in October 2011, I spent several days of my two weeks with Dr. Duong Bunn, Chief of Orthopaedics at Kossamak Hospital. Dr. Bunn pointed out that there is a large need in Laos for...

Article: Report from the Field: Mobile Orthopaedic Services

History My name is Dr. Stan Kinsch. My field project idea actually stems from 2004, when I was still working at the

Article: Equality Through an Emerging Hunch

The process by which the Surgical Implant Generation Network (SIGN) is creating equality of fracture care throughout the world is the result of an emerging hunch. The emerging hunch refers to ideas that emerge unnoticed over the...

Article: Diversity Trumps Ability

Diversity at the SIGN International Orthopaedic Conference The air was filled with enthusiasm and the interchange of ideas as 160 surgeons from...

Article: The Orthopaedic Consequence of Culture

Mongolian youth are the picture of flowing symmetry as they speed their horses over the rough terrain. Tragically, they needlessly lose this graceful motion...

Article: Distractor for Correction of Fractures That Have Healed with Overlapped Fragments

The need for a fracture distractor is common in developing countries. Many fractures are treated initially by bonesetters or in hospitals that do not have...