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Article: Orthopaedic Pediatric Market Draws New Companies, Products

The orthopaedic pediatric space has gained a focused interest from companies large and small. Exhibit hall activity at the North American and European pediatric societies’ joint meeting in early May reaffirmed companies’ market strategies.

Article: Year in Review: First 510(k)s in 2016

Every month, ORTHOWORLD examines FDA’s 510(k) database to learn about products heading to market and the companies that intend to bring them there. Here, we’ve captured highlights from that work in 2016 to provide an understanding of companies...

Also labeled: FDA, orthopaedic implant, spine, trauma

Article: Joint Reconstruction 2016: The Year in Products and Services

  As industry observers, we’ve noted the numerous services launched by device companies throughout the year—not just implants and instruments, but new ways to support delivery of care in joint recon. 

Article: Spinal Fusion Device in Development Eliminates Bone Graft and Pedicle Screws

Researchers at The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia have developed a fusion device designed to stabilize the spine without use of bone graft or pedicle screws for single-level posterolateral fusion.

Also labeled: spine, technology

Article: A Surgeon Advises OEMs on Additive Manufacturing

Nirav Shah, M.D., a sports medicine surgeon, spoke to a group of ~40 device company engineers and executives on additive manufacturing during his “Surgeon View of Additive Manufacturing” presentation from the surgeon-staffed Knowledge Pod at OMTEC®...

Article: Building Evidence for Additive Manufacturing: What questions remain?

For additive manufacturing to move from tinkering technology to widely-used process, it’s imperative to prove its long-term benefits. In May, researchers, surgeons, device companies and additive manufacturing suppliers gathered to develop g...

Article: OrthoWorx Launches AcceLinx to Foster Innovation in Orthopaedics

OrthoWorx, a Warsaw, Indiana-based organization that provides support and resources to the region’s orthopaedic industry, has unveiled the AcceLinx initiative to help local entrepreneurs create new devices.

Article: Trauma Surgeon Incorporates Calcium Phosphate in Trauma Device Delivery

Thomas “Toney” Russell, M.D., brought to life his concept of implanting trauma devices with calcium phosphate material despite skepticism from colleagues and regulatory obstacles.

Article: GraftGrab Addresses ACL Repairs

Tesa Medical’s GraftGrab™, a soft tissue fixation device, was invented to address challenges of tension and security in ACL reconstruction.

Article: Trauma Market Focuses on New Solutions, Shifts in Care Delivery

Trends in the trauma market span from new technologies and treatment methods to shifts in the healthcare delivery system, according to several device manufacturers.

Article: Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon Creates Product and Company Out of Patient Needs

Virak Tan, M.D., an orthopaedic hand surgeon, decided to invent his own external fixator for the finger after seeing patients in need of an improved technology.

Article: Surgeon Seeks to Market 3D Printed Implants on Demand

Richard Hurley, M.D. started Conceptualiz in 2012 with the goal of manufacturing 3D surgical planning software. The company’s mission has since shifted to creating software that allows surgeons to design and print their own implants.

Article: Three Keys to Instrument Development

The link between instrument design and OR efficiency has led to heightened surgeon interest in developing tools for device implantation and a growing market for niche instruments.

Article: Pre-Flight Checklist: What it Takes to Get an Idea Off the Ground

For most innovators, the first phase of development is the most invigorating. You may feel that the hard work has been done; all that remains is to hammer out a few details. At this point, the work has just begun.