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Articles in category: Research to Reality
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Orthopaedic Technologies to Watch: Sensors, Stem Cells, Imaging Receive 1H17 Funding

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Jul 2017

Funding announcements that we tracked by orthopaedic companies in 1H17 kept pace with the number of announcements made in the first halves of 2016 and 2015, signaling that the environment to raise capital remains consistent, if difficult. ... Read more »

Notes from a Joint Surgeon’s Wish List

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Jul 2017

A hip and knee surgeon shares his thoughts on tools that would support efficient, safe surgical care. ... Read more »

Additive Manufacturing, Infection Prevention and Stem Cells Lead New Technology Conversations

by ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2017

Staying abreast of technology advancements can be difficult to do among our daily demands. OMTEC 2017 will bring together surgeons, university researchers and device and supplier company R&D professionals to review multiple orthopaedic innovations in three days. ... Read more »

FDA 510(k) Insights: March Clearance Highlights

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Apr 2017

Strategic FDA 510(k)s released in March 2017 include a cannula from AJU Pharm, Bodycad's uni knee, a new company from Surgical Frontiers' portfolio and a revision system from MicroPort Orthopedics. ... Read more »

AAOS 2017: Previewing Five Newcomers

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Feb 2017

Mobile apps for patient and surgeon, joint reconstruction as restoration and more from the floor. ... Read more »

WishBone Medical Forms to Serve Pediatric Orthopaedic Market

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Jan 2017

OrthoPediatrics founder starts new company to address long bone, foot/ankle and spine deformities, sports related and trauma injuries. ... Read more »

Year in Review: First 510(k)s in 2016

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Jan 2017

Every month, ORTHOWORLD examines FDA’s 510(k) database to learn about products heading to market and the companies that intend to bring them there. Here, we’ve captured highlights from that work in 2016 to provide an understanding of companies entering the orthopaedic scene. ... Read more »

Thoughts From a Surgeon: Orthobiologics, Payors and ASCs

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Dec 2016

During his keynote address at OMTEC 2014, Robert S. Bray Jr., M.D., CEO and Founding Director of DISC Sports & Spine Center and a neurological spine surgeon, outlined predictions on myriad topics, including orthobiologics, ASCs and the simplicity of instruments and implants. Two and a half years ... Read more »

2016 Funding Recap

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Dec 2016

ORTHOWORLD reported 35 funding announcements for the first 11 months of 2016. Of this year’s recipients, seven companies also received funding last year: Aurora Spine, Bone Biologics, Medicrea, Ortho Kinematics, Nanovis, SI-BONE and Tyber Medical. The majority of 2016 investments came in from vent ... Read more »

Surgical Assistance Tops Talk at NASS 2016

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Nov 2016

In 2015, it was interbody cages, sacroiliac joints, artificial discs and robotics. This year, surgical assistance technologies of all kinds generated the most pre- and post-event buzz. Implants made with 3D printing technologies were highlighted, too, as were companies’ responses to changes in hea ... Read more »

Joint Reconstruction 2016: The Year in Products and Services

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Nov 2016

  As industry observers, we’ve noted the numerous services launched by device companies throughout the year—not just implants and instruments, but new ways to support delivery of care in joint recon.  ... Read more »

Four Questions with Dr. Christopher Bono, NASS President

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Oct 2016

In preparation for NASS, we spoke with Executive Director and CEO Eric Muehlbauer and Christopher M. Bono, M.D., President of the North American Spine Society, to identify areas in which the group has made progress, challenges that remain and more. ... Read more »

Spinal Fusion Device in Development Eliminates Bone Graft and Pedicle Screws

by Hannah Corcoran | Oct 2016

Researchers at The University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia have developed a fusion device designed to stabilize the spine without use of bone graft or pedicle screws for single-level posterolateral fusion. ... Read more »

NASS Preview: Growing Spine - International Markets, MIS and Product Portfolios

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Sep 2016

In speaking with Eric Muehlbauer, Executive Director and CEO of NASS about the Society's priorities, as well as where the greatest opportunities lie for surgeons and device companies, three topics arose. ... Read more »

A Surgeon Advises OEMs on Additive Manufacturing

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Aug 2016

Nirav Shah, M.D., a sports medicine surgeon, spoke to a group of ~40 device company engineers and executives on additive manufacturing during his “Surgeon View of Additive Manufacturing” presentation from the surgeon-staffed Knowledge Pod at OMTEC® 2016. ... Read more »

Building Evidence for Additive Manufacturing: What questions remain?

by Carolyn LaWell | Jun 2016

For additive manufacturing to move from tinkering technology to widely-used process, it’s imperative to prove its long-term benefits. In May, researchers, surgeons, device companies and additive manufacturing suppliers gathered to develop guidelines to build data and support reimbursement. ... Read more »

Man with Double Knee Replacement Successfully Climbs Mount Everest

by Hannah Corcoran | Jun 2016

Greg Paul, a 61-year-old mountaineer, is the first known climber to summit Mount Everest with two total knee replacements. Both procedures employed the Balanced Knee® System, manufactured by Ortho Development. ... Read more »

OrthoWorx Launches AcceLinx to Foster Innovation in Orthopaedics

by ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2016

OrthoWorx, a Warsaw, Indiana-based organization that provides support and resources to the region’s orthopaedic industry, has unveiled the AcceLinx initiative to help local entrepreneurs create new devices. ... Read more »

Computer-Assisted Technologies: Industry Viewpoints and Activity

by Hannah Corcoran | May 2016

Computer-assisted surgery systems for orthopaedics have the potential to help surgeons net improved, reproducible results through tools that control surgical variables. But, will hospitals pay for them? ... Read more »

Arthroscopy/Soft Tissue Companies Address Knee, Shoulder Repair

by Hannah Corcoran | Apr 2016

The call for simple, minimally invasive techniques to meet patient and surgeon requests is an established trend in the arthroscopy and soft tissue market. Here’s what four device companies, from start-up to large player, are doing in response. ... Read more »

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