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Articles in category: Surgeon as Entrepreneur
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Surgeon Entrepreneurs Tackle Different Commercialization Challenges

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Jan 2017

The path from device idea to OR use is not straight, especially for surgeons who are commercialization rookies. If you’re considering developing a new product, or even if you’re several steps in, you can benefit from understanding the hurdles others faced in getting their product to market.  ... Read more »

Investors Talk Healthcare IT and Funding Fundamentals

by Hannah Corcoran | Jul 2016

Investors in healthcare continue to say that IT is a strong space for funding, but most of the backing in orthopaedics is focused on traditional technologies. ... Read more »

Surgeon Leaves Clinical Practice to Focus on Hip Fracture Fixation System

by Hannah Corcoran | Jun 2016

Brian Thornes, Founder and CEO of X-Bolt Orthopaedics, left his surgeon residency in 2005—his last year in the program—to obtain his MBA and fully invest his time and skills into entrepreneurism. ... Read more »

Neurosurgeon Launches Products Prioritizing Surgical Infection Prevention

by Hannah Corcoran | May 2016

Bodhan Chopko, M.D., co-founded Silver Bullet Therapeutics to commercialize infection-fighting bone screws for trauma procedures, based on his own clinical experiences with spinal infections. ... Read more »

Trauma Surgeon Incorporates Calcium Phosphate in Trauma Device Delivery

by Hannah Corcoran | Apr 2016

Thomas “Toney” Russell, M.D., brought to life his concept of implanting trauma devices with calcium phosphate material despite skepticism from colleagues and regulatory obstacles. ... Read more »

Shoulder Surgeon Creates Value-Based Company

by Hannah Corcoran | Feb 2016

Tensor Surgical was formed in 2012 to meet head-on the push for value and improved outcomes. ... Read more »

Surgeon Entrepreneur Starts Company with Vision for Orthobiologics

by Hannah Corcoran | Dec 2015

Patrick Sweeney, M.D., an orthopaedic spine surgeon, knew that if he wanted to see his ideas conceptualized, he would have to take the reins. ... Read more »

Funding Sources: Four Company Snapshots

by Hannah Corcoran | Nov 2015

Securing funding is often a challenge for orthopaedic surgeons seeking to commercialize their ideas. Here, we provide snapshots of four funders that work with various types of investments in orthopaedics. ... Read more »

Trauma Surgeon Credits Strong Team in Development of Tendon Product

by Hannah Corcoran | Nov 2015

Erik Kubiak, M.D., an orthopaedic trauma and adult reconstruction surgeon, co-founded CoNextions Medical to treat tendon repairs differently. ... Read more »

Peter Bonutti Shares Ways to Balance Clinical Work and Product Development

by Hannah Corcoran | Oct 2015

Peter Bonutti, M.D., an orthopaedic joint reconstructive surgeon and inventor, discussed his many entrepreneurial endeavors and experiences in product and practice development. ... Read more »

Orthopaedic Hand Surgeon Creates Product and Company Out of Patient Needs

by Hannah Corcoran | Sep 2015

Virak Tan, M.D., an orthopaedic hand surgeon, decided to invent his own external fixator for the finger after seeing patients in need of an improved technology. ... Read more »

How to Succeed as a Scrappy Startup

by Hannah Corcoran | Aug 2015

Starting a company requires an array of time and resources. Here are ways to limit costs, surmount limitations and realize success in your entrepreneurial endeavors. ... Read more »

Surgeon Seeks to Market 3D Printed Implants on Demand

by Hannah Corcoran | Aug 2015

Richard Hurley, M.D. started Conceptualiz in 2012 with the goal of manufacturing 3D surgical planning software. The company’s mission has since shifted to creating software that allows surgeons to design and print their own implants. ... Read more »

IP Protection: The Importance of a Design Patent

by John W. Boger, Esq. | May 2015

The popular utility patent protects the way your device works, but most people forget to file a design patent, which protects the way your invention looks. ... Read more »

How to Start an OR for Under $250,000

by Blair Rhode | Apr 2015

To contain costs, a value assessment of every purchase for your surgery center will help determine whether you should buy new or used. Here’s how one surgeon stuck to his budget. ... Read more »

Surgeon Advice: How to Transition Your Idea from Product Development to Sales

by Hannah Corcoran | Apr 2015

Navigating products through commercialization is just the beginning of your technology’s livelihood. Lee Hunter, M.D. describes how to partner with an outside vendor to develop a comprehensive marketing, sales and distribution strategy to get your product on the market. ... Read more »

Starting a Solo Practice: Joint Surgeon Shares His Journey

by Hannah Corcoran | Mar 2015

Adam Harris, M.D., founded his own practice to enhance his focus on individual patient care. Here, he discusses how he added leadership duties, dropped Medicare and became a more engaged and gratified surgeon. ... Read more »

Hint: There’s Room for Innovation in the Free Market

by Blair Rhode | Feb 2015

The forces that drive product development in medicine are often geared toward maintaining profit margins or some regulatory nuance. Still, there is room for innovation when the right parties are aligned. ... Read more »

Surgeon Inventor Outlines Importance of Minimally Disruptive Technologies for Improving Patient Outcomes

by Hannah Corcoran | Jan 2015

Donald Kucharzyk, D.O., was passionate about creating a system with a new approach to minimally invasive spine surgery that would improve lives. He discusses the device and the positive impact of minimally disruptive technologies on patient outcomes. ... Read more »

Four Lessons from Dr. Doug Cerynik of Stabiliz Orthopaedics

by Hannah Corcoran | Nov 2014

Doug Cerynik, M.D. believed that traditional plate and screw systems were not adequately improving bone healing. His assessment resulted in the creation of the Stabiliz plating system and SPL locking screw, as well as the creation of his company, Stabiliz Orthopaedics. ... Read more »

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