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Articles in category: Giving Back
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SIGN Wraps Up 15th Annual Conference

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Oct 2016

SIGN Fracture Care International just wrapped up its 15th Annual Conference. Around 150 surgeons from 27 countries attended to learn how to use SIGN implants and share this knowledge back home. ... Read more »

Zimmer Biomet Invests in India’s Orthopaedic Care

by Hannah Corcoran | Aug 2016

Zimmer Biomet announced a multi-year collaboration with the Indo UK Institute of Health, intended to grow India’s healthcare infrastructure. ... Read more »

NuVasive Spine Foundation to Build out Broader, More Sustainable Program in Kenya

by Hannah Corcoran | Jul 2016

The NuVasive Spine Foundation completed its 20th mission trip to Kenya to sponsor surgeries and educate surgeons. In 2010, the group chose Kenya as a pilot site prior to entering other developing countries. ... Read more »

Organization Exceeds 100 Pro Bono Scoliosis Corrections in Dominican Republic

by Hannah Corcoran | May 2016

Since 2012, The Pediatric Orthopedic Project has been to Santiago, Dominican Republic five times and has performed 103 surgeries to correct scoliosis in children. The organization seeks to grow its presence in the region and move into other areas of orthopaedics. ... Read more »

Trauma Surgeon and Public Health Consultant Receives AAOS Humanitarian Award

by Hannah Corcoran | Apr 2016

Richard A. Gosselin, M.D. received the AAOS 2016 Humanitarian Award for 36 years of work abroad as an orthopaedic surgeon and public health consultant, focused on global teaching and training, orthopaedic research and advocacy. ... Read more »

Orthopaedic Surgeon Works to Rebuild Haiti's Access to Care

by Hannah Corcoran | Feb 2016

Terry Dietrich, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon, co-founded Orthopedic Ministries of the Caribbean after years of service to patients in need. The organization is currently focused on rebuilding orthopaedic care in Haiti. ... Read more »

SIGN Receives Afghan Medal of Honor, but Challenges Remain

by Hannah Corcoran | Dec 2015

Though SIGN Fracture Care International was recently awarded the Afghan Medal of Honor, the organization struggles to maintain funding for its initiatives to treat fractures in developing countries worldwide. ... Read more »

SIGN’s Work Contributes to Earthquake Relief in Nepal

by Hannah Corcoran | Oct 2015

Saju Pradhan, M.D. plans to implement techniques he learned at the annual SIGN conference to care for patients in need back home, including victims of the recent earthquake. ... Read more »

Charitable Organization Works to Improve Care and Hospital Efficiency in China

by Hannah Corcoran | Sep 2015

The Children of China Pediatrics Foundation provides care to orphaned children with disabilities and seeks to educate and train personnel, to create lasting improvements and increase efficiencies. ... Read more »

Mercy Ships Sail to Third World Countries to Deliver Care

by Hannah Corcoran | Jul 2015

Since its inception in 1978, Mercy Ships has performed over 79,000 successful surgeries at 587 ports throughout the third world, bringing all necessary equipment with them to provide healthcare to those in need. ... Read more »

AAOS Humanitarian Honoree Continues Service Years after Haiti Earthquake

by Hannah Corcoran | Jun 2015

John F. Lovejoy, Jr, M.D., this year’s recipient of the AAOS Humanitarian Award, has volunteered abroad for over 30 years. In Haiti, he trains local staff to build long-term sustainability. ... Read more »

Surgeon’s Community Assistance Extends Beyond the OR in Dominican Republic

by Hannah Corcoran | May 2015

John Barrington, M.D. has traveled to Los Alcarrizos in the Dominican Republic twice a year since 2009, after forming a strong bond with the local residents and surgeons. ... Read more »

Orthopaedic Surgeon Revisits His Roots on Mission Trips

by Hannah Corcoran | Apr 2015

Steve A. Mora, M.D., travels to Peru each year to provide education and care in the country where his interest in orthopaedics began. ... Read more »

Health Volunteers Overseas Strengthens Orthopaedic Education Around the Globe

by Hannah Corcoran | Mar 2015

Health Volunteers Overseas’ currently operates volunteer programs in 13 countries, providing educational resources to improve residency programs throughout the world. ... Read more »

SIGN Continues Work in Haiti 5 Years after Earthquake

by Hannah Corcoran | Feb 2015

SIGN fracture Care has continued to provide relief in Haiti since the country experienced a disastrous earthquake in 2010. Though progress has been made, much more assistance is needed. ... Read more »

OpWalk Provides 100 Patients with Joint Replacements during Annual Event

by Hannah Corcoran | Jan 2015

Ortech collaborated with Operation Walk, an initiative to provide free hip and knee replacement surgeries to those in need, by donating its data registry to ensure the proper collection of data. ... Read more »

SIGN Focuses on Building and Improving Trauma Centers

by Hannah Corcoran | Dec 2014

To further care internationally, SIGN seeks to build more integrated short-stay trauma centers and improve existing facilities in developing countries. ... Read more »

Tanzanian Surgeons Improve Care with SIGN’s Support

by Hannah Corcoran | Sep 2014

SIGN Fracture Care International held its annual conference to further educate and train surgeons from overseas. Orthopaedic surgeons from Tanzania spoke about their ability to improve quality and quantity of care due to the organizations support.   ... Read more »

Report from the Field: Syrian Surgeons Seek Solutions

by Lewis Zirkle, M.D. | Nov 2013

SIGN offers solutions to Syrian surgeons targeted and traumatized by countries conflict. ... Read more »

SIGN Receives FDA Clearance, Patent Humanitarian Award

by ORTHOPRENEUR | Jun 2013

While providing access to orthopaedic treatments in developing countries, SIGN Fracture Care International has made news on the patent front. ... Read more »

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