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Articles written by Teresa Ford

The Sunshine Act's Frequently Asked Questions

by ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2013

CMS compiled a list of popular questions regarding the Sunshine Act's final ruling. Here is what every surgeon needs to know. ... Read more »

Physician Payment Sunshine Act Regulations Finalized

by Teresa Ford | Feb 2013

Medical device manufacturers will be required to report nearly every dollar spent on surgeons starting August 1. The Physician Payment Sunshine Act final rule defines what information will be tracked. ... Read more »

Got Indemnification?

by Teresa Ford | Jul 2012

I am not sure how many of you who read my column work collaboratively with industry, but I’m guessing the number is relatively high. Physician collaboration with the medical device industry is critical for the development of new and improved products, and nowhere is that more evident than in ortho ... Read more »

Product Recalls: How Do You Protect Yourself and Your Practice?

by Teresa Ford | May 2012

It is crazy out there. The DePuy ASR recall is in full bloom, metal on metal generally is causing concern in the medical device community (with several manufacturers having metal on metal offerings), and the Sulzer Inter-Op® recall, though nearly a decade old, is still being discussed in the media ... Read more »

Just Because Your Sales Rep Doesn’t Get It, Doesn’t Mean You Shouldn’t!

by Teresa Ford | Apr 2012

I promise each and every one of you that I am sick and tired of having to write about compliance issues in the orthopaedic industry. I started preaching this sermon nine years ago when I opened my firm (even a few years before that as an in-house attorney at Sulzer Medica), and I truly believed that ... Read more »

Your Sales Rep’s Future: Is it In Your Hands?

by Teresa Ford | Mar 2012

Times are changing for everyone in medicine, not just the physicians who ride the front line of patient care. Nowhere are the changes more evident than in the sales agent/representative arena. Whether an independent contractor or a direct employee, the orthopaedic sales rep is facing a big transitio ... Read more »

Why You Want Me On That Wall; Why You NEED Me On That Wall

by Teresa Ford | Jan 2012

Remember that great line from A Few Good Men? Jack Nicholson is furiously explaining to a silent courtroom the necessity of the hazing and abuse that he ensures is handed out to his underlings—that it is a necessary evil if people want to be safe from foreign enemies and others who don’t have ou ... Read more »

How Bad Journalism Compromises Patient Care

by Teresa Ford | Nov 2011

By now, you’ve likely seen the recent Wall Street Journal (WSJ) article [1] highlighting a spine company located in Pearl, Mississippi and one of its physician investors. [2] The article purported to establish a link between the tragic death of one of the doctor’s patients and the fact that the ... Read more »

Let's Talk About the Physician Payment Sunshine Act

by Teresa Ford | Sep 2011

Though the great physician owned distributorship (POD) debate is not yet over as of the penning of this article, there is not much else to say until the Office of the Inspector General weighs in with thoughts, guidelines and a plan of action relating to the regulation (or even eradication) of PODs. ... Read more »

Told You So…

by Teresa Ford | Jul 2011

The physician owned distributorship model has been a source of constant chatter. Teresa Ford's articles regarding them have garnered more mail (both fan and hate) than any other topic she has highlighted.  ... Read more »

It Was Only a Matter of Time

by Teresa Ford | May 2011

My last article, which was really mine and Dr. Steinmann’s article, was quite popular with my readers. Our e-mail exchange regarding Physician Owned Distributorships (PODs) had people throughout industry talking, both to Dr. Steinman and me, and to each other! The chatter was not a result of the f ... Read more »

When Being Friends with Your Sales Rep is Dangerous…For Your Sales Rep

by Teresa Ford | Mar 2011

You are likely all aware that in October and December of last year, Wright Medical and Exactech entered into 12-month Deferred Prosecution Agreements with the Department of Justice and five-year Corporate Integrity Agreements with the Department of Health and Human Services. What you may not know is ... Read more »

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: What it Means to Health Care Fraud & Abuse

by Teresa Ford | Jan 2011

A palpable low-level hysteria has resulted from the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the “Act”).  Will physicians continue to be fairly compensated for the care that they provide to patients?  Will the right care be available to the patient in need?  Will ... Read more »

The Great POD Debate

by Teresa Ford | Nov 2010

It is always a delight when something that I have written elicits commentary from my readers – whether positive or negative. What follows is an exchange that I had with John Steinmann, M.D., an orthopaedic surgeon and entrepreneur with intimate knowledge of the physician owned distributorship (POD ... Read more »

A Return to the Issue of Physician Owned Distributorships

by Teresa Ford | Sep 2010

I, perhaps for the first time ever, have broken a promise to my loyal readers. In the last issue of ORTHOPRENEUR, I represented that I would be penning several articles dealing with the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act in an effort to familiarize readers with what the new le ... Read more »