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Articles written by Blair Rhode

Bundled Payments Offer Patients Free Market, Cost Saving Solutions

by Blair Rhode | Jun 2015

Obamacare centralizes control of healthcare dollars to bureaucrats. Surgeons who offer patients transparent and efficient care will lead the shift away from government-based healthcare. ... Read more »

Calling All Consumers: There’s Promise in Market-based Medicine

by Blair Rhode | May 2015

Medicine has been bastardized into such a dysfunctional economic concept that no basic free market principles matter. Yet. ... Read more »

How to Start an OR for Under $250,000

by Blair Rhode | Apr 2015

To contain costs, a value assessment of every purchase for your surgery center will help determine whether you should buy new or used. Here’s how one surgeon stuck to his budget. ... Read more »

A Quest to Find a Fair Price for Surgery

by Blair Rhode | Mar 2015

Nearly one million Americans pursue medical tourism each year to pay less for their healthcare. Blair Rhode, M.D., posed as a patient to uncover the expense of rotator cuff repair domestically and abroad. ... Read more »

Hint: There’s Room for Innovation in the Free Market

by Blair Rhode | Feb 2015

The forces that drive product development in medicine are often geared toward maintaining profit margins or some regulatory nuance. Still, there is room for innovation when the right parties are aligned. ... Read more »

Surgeon Develops Reusable Anchor Inserters to Decrease Waste and Cost

by Blair Rhode, M.D. | Jan 2015

How one surgeon approaches the reusable concept to provide an ecological and economical solution for surgery centers. ... Read more »

The Future Opportunity for Free Market Medicine

by Blair Rhode | May 2014

There could be a huge opportunity coming for free market medicine courtesy of the statist medical model, the Affordable Care Act. As the Medicaid rolls expand, more and more doctors will opt out. ... Read more »

The Disruptive Generic Approach

by Blair Rhode, M.D. | Nov 2013

If a surgery center is going to achieve net savings on physician preference devices, they have to become disruptive in their approach. Blair Rhode, M.D., cost compares 15 rotator cuff repairs with generic devices and 15 rotator cuff repairs with brand name implants. ... Read more »

The Change Management Project, Part 3: Managing Doctors’ Concerns

by Blair Rhode, MD | Jun 2013

Medicine is not a free market economy, but it should be. The question is, how? In the third part of this series, Blair Rhode, M.D., provides possible solutions. ... Read more »

Clinical Practice Guidelines: Cookbook Medicine vs. Hippocrates

by Blair Rhode, MD | May 2013

The movement to assign set algorithms to the treatment of medical conditions is a losing recipe for surgeons and patients. ... Read more »

The Change Management Project, Part 2: Setting the Table

by ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2013

Blair Rhode, M.D., performs nine surgeries before noon at his surgery center, yet it takes all day to complete eight surgeries at the hospital with a larger staff. How can this be? ... Read more »

The Change Management Project: One Surgeon’s Attempt to Fix a Hospital Orthopaedic Service

by Blair Rhode, MD | Mar 2013

The top-down approach from government and hospital officials has changed the medical landscape. This is the first in a series of articles about how a small group in orthopaedic services is implementing quality improvement changes at a community hospital. ... Read more »

Generics in Orthopaedics: How to Implement the Impossible

by Blair Rhode, M.D. | Oct 2012

Generic Orthopaedic ImplantsBlair Rhode, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon,Rhode Orthopedic Group   Dr. Rhode discusses the current state and future of generic orthopaedic implants at OMTEC 2013.  People don't change (or buy) until the personal pain of change is less th ... Read more »

An Obamacare Primer: How top-down statist healthcare is bad for doctors and patients

by Blair Rhode, M.D. | Aug 2012

Statism (French: étatisme) is a term used to describe the belief that a government should control either economic or social policy, or both, to some degree. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) was signed into law in March 2010. With its passage, it set in motion fundamental chan ... Read more »

Generics are Coming! Generics are Coming!

by Blair Rhode, M.D. | Nov 2011

Generic Orthopaedic ImplantsBlair Rhode, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon,Rhode Orthopedic Group   Dr. Rhode discusses the current state and future of generic orthopaedic implants at OMTEC 2013.  We are making you a bet. We are betting that you are ready to take back w ... Read more »