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Articles written by Blaine Warkentine

SurgeryTrack Designed to Measure Outcomes and Shorten Clinic Visits

by Blaine Warkentine, M.D., MPH | Jan 2014

Surgeons are innovating the ways that they deliver and scale patient care. Cloud-based SurgeryTrack is based on the belief that innovation will include optimizing patient interaction and measuring outcomes. Find out what it is. ... Read more »

Healthy Word of Mouth

by Blaine Warkentine, M.D., MPH | Apr 2012

Look. Times are a-changin’. Bundled payments, hospital buyouts, healthcare legislation, physician owned distributorships, the mounting political and/or economic environment, the upcoming healthcare bubble, single payer, etc. ...Whatever, we get it. It’s going to be a rough ride. But we also know ... Read more »

What’s Up with the American Joint Replacement Registry?

by Blaine Warkentine, M.D., MPH | Feb 2012

At this year’s annual AAOS meeting, the American Joint Replacement Registry (AJRR) announced that they were “open for business.” The new registry is designed to collect data from hospitals around the country in order to recognize patterns in implant performance that we likely miss today. If su ... Read more »

Who Wants Some Low-hanging Fruit?

by Blaine Warkentine, M.D., MPH | Jan 2012

Let’s do some “conservative” back of the napkin calculations: The average primary total joint implant costs $500 to manufacture and sells for $3,500, which equals 16% for cost of goods sold. Double that for admin costs, and it now totals 32%. The rest is basically sales and marketing cost ... Read more »

Cost Reduction vs. Technology

by Blaine Warkentine, M.D., MPH | Nov 2011

Technology is ubiquitous. It has been reported that 70% of orthopaedic surgeons have an iPhone, and 90% have a smartphone. Even the eldest of patients has access to the internet and generally knows how to use it, indicating that we are making technology an important part of our daily lives, partic ... Read more »