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Posted in About ORTHOPRENEUR | May 2014

Dear Doctor,

Welcome to the all-digital journal, ORTHOPRENEUR!

The focus of ORTHOPRENEUR is to educate, empower and arm you with the tools you need to ensure your continued success as an orthopaedic surgeon. 

This web platform enables us to post content when it is most timely and allows you to make use of it how and when you choose. In these times of great change, keeping you better informed more quickly is critical to our effectively minimizing the uncertainty for you.

As we strive to make sense of the new restrictions and potential opportunities that exist for you, the following are key:

  • The continued debate on the fate of surgeon owned hospitals
  • The emerging popularity of physician owned distributorships (PODs), and potential legal challenges facing them
  • The potential impact of new legislation on medical malpractice insurance costs
  • The emergence of policy entities standing in defense of maintaining the doctor/patient relationship relative to patient care choices

We invite you to directly request subject matter on topics most critically important to you and to share ORTHOPRENEUR with your peers

ORTHOPRENEUR’s fundamental value proposition remains to enhance your personal and professional productivity as an orthopaedic surgeon. Please let us know how we’re doing. We would be honored to receive your feedback.

Carolyn LaWell, Content Manager
Phone: 440.543.2101
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