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Featured Products

OMNI Robotic Assisted Total Knee Arthroplasty System

    OMNI, an Orthopaedic products company, is dedicated to improving joint replacement outcomes through advancements in implant design and technologies, is trans...

Blue Belt Technologies: Navio Surgical System and STRIDE Implant

Blue Belt Technologies is the manufacturer of the Navio® Surgical System and STRIDE™ implant. Navio is a robotic-assisted smart surgical system indicated for unicondylar ...

Feature Articles

  • Medicare Concerns Remain After SGR Repeal

    Written By: ORTHOPRENEUR | Posted in Views on the News | Apr 2015

    Though Congress recently voted to repeal Medicare’s problematic physician payment formula, issues regarding reimbursement remain. Read on>>
  • Fed up with Medicare? Here’s How to Opt Out.

    Written By: Hannah Corcoran | Posted in Health Reform Watch | Apr 2015

    Orthopaedic surgeons may find freedom from government involvement in healthcare by dropping Medicare altogether, ridding themselves of reimbursement challenges and burdensome reporting requirements. Read on>>
  • Orthopaedic Surgeon Revisits His Roots on Mission Trips

    Written By: Hannah Corcoran | Posted in Giving Back | Apr 2015

    Steve A. Mora, M.D., travels to Peru each year to provide education and care in the country where his interest in orthopaedics began. Read on>>
  • Surgeon Advice: How to Transition Your Idea from Product Development to Sales

    Written By: Hannah Corcoran | Posted in Surgeon as Entrepreneur | Apr 2015

    Navigating products through commercialization is just the beginning of your technology’s livelihood. Lee Hunter, M.D. describes how to partner with an outside vendor to develop a comprehensive marketing, sales and distribution strategy to get your product on the market. Read on>>
  • How to Start an OR for Under $250,000

    Written By: Blair Rhode | Posted in Surgeon as Entrepreneur | Apr 2015

    To contain costs, a value assessment of every purchase for your surgery center will help determine whether you should buy new or used. Here’s how one surgeon stuck to his budget. Read on>>

Editor's Picks

The Top Line

Surgeon Develops Reusable Anchor Inserters to Decrease Waste and Cost

How one surgeon approaches the reusable concept to provide an ecological and economical solution for surgery centers. ...

Surgeon as Entrepreneur

Starting a Solo Practice: Joint Surgeon Shares His Journey

Adam Harris, M.D., founded his own practice to enhance his focus on individual patient care. Here, he discusses how he added leadership duties, droppe ...

Giving Back

Health Volunteers Overseas Strengthens Orthopaedic Education Around the Globe

Health Volunteers Overseas’ currently operates volunteer programs in 13 countries, providing educational resources to improve residency programs thr ...

Research to Reality

AAOS Recap: Instruments, Robotics and Cost Emphasized in New Product Launches

Thousands of products were highlighted at the annual Academy meeting. Here is a look at the more than two dozen new or next-gen products that debuted ...

Practice Management Solutions

Walk-in Clinics: Will the Model Work for You?

Orthopaedic walk-in clinics are attractive because they can deliver quick, less-expensive access to care. However, there are several necessary conditi ...

Health Reform Watch

A Quest to Find a Fair Price for Surgery

Nearly one million Americans pursue medical tourism each year to pay less for their healthcare. Blair Rhode, M.D., posed as a patient to uncover the e ...