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Featured Products

Blue Belt Technologies: Navio Surgical System

Blue Belt Technologies is the manufacturer of the Navio™ and STRIDE™ implant. Navio is a robotic-assisted smart surgical system indicated for unicondylar knee replacemen...

Hensler Bone Press

The Hensler Bone Press maximizes the collection and separation of autologous bone generated by the high speed drill in a simple two step operation. It is clinically proven t...

Feature Articles

  • What’s Ahead for 2015? Surgeons Foresee ACA Challenges

    Written By: ORTHOPRENEUR | Posted in Health Reform Watch | Dec 2014

    Surgeons feel the effects of government-controlled healthcare through lower reimbursement rates, cost pressures and high deductibles. How can you respond to these challenges and come out strong in 2015? Read on>>
  • Volume Still Matters

    Written By: Richard Conn and Marshall Steele | Posted in The Top Line | Dec 2014

    Don’t abandon the concept of accelerating procedural volumes with cost control to positively impact profitability. Here are eight steps to grow your practice volume. Read on>>
  • Expert Tips for ICD-10 Implementation

    Written By: Hannah Corcoran | Posted in Practice Management Solutions | Dec 2014

    The deadline for ICD-10 implementation is October 1, 2015. Ensure that your practice is ready by following this planning process. Read on>>
  • Identifying Ancillary Services that Fit Your Practice

    Written By: Nicola Hawkinson and Brianna Stanton | Posted in The Top Line | Dec 2014

    Ancillary services assist in maximizing practice profitability, while providing patients with the convenience and continuity of in-house care. Read on to determine the best services for your practice. Read on>>

Editor's Picks

The Top Line

Surgeons and CEOs to Deliver Industry Forecasts at ORTHOWORLD Symposium

What does the future hold for the orthopaedic industry? The State and Future of the Orthopaedic Industry™ Symposium, held January 20 in Nashville, w ...

Surgeon as Entrepreneur

Four Lessons from Dr. Doug Cerynik of Stabiliz Orthopaedics

Doug Cerynik, M.D. believed that traditional plate and screw systems were not adequately improving bone healing. His assessment resulted in the creati ...

Giving Back

Tanzanian Surgeons Improve Care with SIGN’s Support

SIGN Fracture Care International held its annual conference to further educate and train surgeons from overseas. Orthopaedic surgeons from Tanzania sp ...

Research to Reality

NASS Review: Manufacturers Shed Light on Products and Market Trends

While attending the 2014 NASS meeting, we asked manufacturers about current challenges they face in meeting your needs and took note of products launc ...

Practice Management Solutions

Orthopaedic Coding Q&A: Spine Surgery Exposure—How Many Levels Can the Co-Surgeon Report?

The Coding Coaches address orthopaedic coding questions and hot-button coding issues. In this round, Exposure for Spine Surgery: How Many Levels Can t ...

Health Reform Watch

Surgeon Leadership Essential to Influence Implant Purchasing Committees

Hospitals are changing the implant purchasing process in an effort to reduce costs. How will these new techniques impact your preferences and procedur ...